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The PhpBURN is a complete PHP framework and is compose by three main modules ( but not the only ones because everyone can develop your own modules and integrate it to the tool ). The main principle in this tool is the MVC pattern.

ORM ( Model or M ):
Without doubt the most powerful part of this framework is the ORM, responsable for the persistence and mapping between the Application and the DBMS ( Data Base Management System or simply Data Base ). It supports multiples databases, multiples drivers in just one application, making  the development extremely Easy, Fast, Powerful and very Fun.

In order to obtain more information about the ORM see the documentation.

Controllers ( Controller or C ):
The controllers in PhpBURN want to make more easy the developer but also organize and agile the development, they are not only for this but also as a guide line for the developer follow the corrects Design Patterns.

The learning curve for this system part utilization is almost zero because it works basicaly as a way to encapsulate and organize the code operations following the MVC patterns.

For more informations about Controllers see the documentation.

Views ( View or V ):
The views system on PhpBURN is very cool, by default it comes with a support similar to the used by many frameworks and professionals but also supports the adaptation and integration of own systems or others frameworks in a simple way.

The most intersting part is that the integration are made in a low level that means there is no changes in the sintaxe, the views change is made without need to change anything in the controllers.

For more Information about Views see the documentation.

External Libs:
The PhpBURN has a easy way of implementation of external libraries without the need of a learning curve or a huge amount of configurations for work, you only need to add the lib to the PhpBURN’s folders at phpburn/app/libs/Tools/Extras and just go using with a simple PhpBURN::load(“Tools.Extras.YOUEXTERNALLIBHERE”);

Ex: SimplePie, TCPDF, etc.