PhpBURN vs Doctrine – Setting, Retreiving, Finding and More

Now we are going to show the differences between PhpBURN vs Doctrine when we are trying to work with it, search, find, get, set things into the database. First let’s see PhpBURN in action: /* PhpBURN */ $user = new User(); $user->username = 'john'; $user->password = 'password'; $user->save(); $user->username = 'john'; $user->find(); echo $user->username; // prints...

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PhpBURN vs Doctrine – Model Construction

I’m going to do a little comparative between PhpBURN vs Doctrine, showing strongest points in PhpBURN in relation to that we consider the bigest ORM framework in market. The goal here it’s to show that when you use PhpBURN you have already set all your needs like persistend methods and all “stuff” then you don’t need to keep setting facade methods, you just go using...

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